single-channel video
橋本麦 & 野上勝己

日本 / 橋本麦、野上勝己生於1992年,現於日本生活及工作   Japan / Baku HASHIMOTO and Katsuki NOGAMI born in 1992, now living and working in Japan
EYE is a Music Video included in the album “MAP” released by Japanese electronic music group “group_inou” in 2015. These two artists, born in 1990s, fused their own figures with the 3D images from Google Street View. In the video, they hold a game console (or a DJ system), singing while moving rapidly from dark tunnels to highways, from desolate hilltops in countryside to city streets with skyscrapers standing alongside. Compressing the space-time around the globe, they travel through unrecognizable landscapes, regions or countries. It could be any authentic location in reality or nothing at all in a virtual space. EYE, in the form of music video, demonstrates the brisk optimism of the young generation, who are the digital native of the Cyber Age, roaming swiftly while singing in the virtual world without boundary, limit, or whatsoever. After the project is finished, they make the software and the know-hows open-sourced on the Internet, in concert with Internet’s idea of a platform for sharing.
  專輯網址 Album’s Link|http://g-a-l.jp/group_inou/map/