K 後設_面貌 Meta_Face


Single-channel video, 2'09"

德國 1958年生於德國布魯赫薩爾,現於美國舊金山和德國布魯赫薩爾生活及工作
Germany 1958 born in Bruchsal, Germany, now living and working in San Francisco and Bruchsal



Meta_Face is a collaborative video work by Jurgen Trautwein and Silvia Nonnenmacher. On the creative methodology, the video work employed a relatively low-end approach, drawings on letter-size paper with pen and ink before converted into video.

In the work, the artists observe the obsessions and addictions to the digitalized world from the people nowadays. Through various social media and devices, we are re-categorized and discriminated, being spied, infiltrated, and manipulated as Internet dependents, exploiting hard for unknown digital harvest. In addition, the artists attempt to uncover the physical detachness among people, inquiring further if the subordinative relationship between technology and human is reversing in the advancement of technology. Is it possible for humans to become homo digitalis that serves technology in the future?