a.-2 回溯 Recall


Single-channel video, 15'24"

紐西蘭 1989年生於澳洲墨寧頓,現於紐西蘭奧克蘭生活及工作
New Zealand 1989 born in Mornington Australia, now living and working in Auckland, New Zealand



Recall is an artist’s criticism to the technological advancement today. The artwork is divided into two parts. First is Wylie explores in a game world overloaded with information from the first-person perspective, in pursuit of the ultimate goal and victory in the game in the fast, eternal challenges and changes. The first part is to propose questions about humanity and its existence via game. Heidegger once said that the development of technology is to make people immune from change and free from the disturbance of accidents. Yet, the technology nowadays distracts people with its ever simple and convenient means. On one hand, it helps us to expel boredom; on the other, it blocks us from the opportunities to think freely we are born with.

The second part of the artwork are intertwined with biography as well as historical and philosophical thinking. Every click at our fingertips online leaves our footprints online, allowing the cloud to categorize and calculate people’s behaviors, so as to regulate and shape the future performance of individuals. The traces left online are personal, but not of your own at same time. This artwork collects all these digital bits and pieces to talk about our distributed online life experiences.