2020, double-channel video, 10 mins x 90 days

Glimmer searches for a trace of glimmer in greyish darkness. Lee Ji-Hong endeavors to capture the fading light. Through interpretation in time, the once existing light is projected to where it faded. The artist enters the exhibition venue once a day in the duration of exhibition. With the “glimmer” emitted from his cellphone to the wall, he traverses through the stairs between the first and the second floor back and forth for approximately 10 minutes. Meanwhile, through a pre-installed camera, he takes a photograph every 10 seconds with each exposed for about 4 seconds to capture traces of movement of “glimmer” for a long time. Then, the captured images of “glimmer” today are projected onto the same wall tomorrow. With action, photo-shooting, projection, and so on and so forth repeatedly, the light recorded on the projected images are cumulated as well. Through such repeated action and documentation, traces of “glimmer” are cumulated in layers onto the wall of an old architecture that produce a “glimmer” of image in time. Through “glimmer”, the faded yesterdays are seamed while the superimposed image histories are viewed. 

LEE Ji-Hong

Taiwan / 1972 born in Penghu, now living and working in Taipei

Lee Ji-Hong practices idealism as a documentary filmmaker and an artist. His practices center around the bodily sensation and recollection experienced in life. The artist depicts his observation into the everyday behaviors via video production in pursuit of the meaning of existence in reality. Lee combines performance and video to delve into relationships between labor, space, light, and image representation.

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