In Between

2020, video installation, dimension variable

In light of the rapid development of image technology, the artist is keen to inquire whether the core meaning of viewing beneath the pursuit of high-resolution technology has shifted along the progress. Wandering through the 57th Lane of Guilin Road of Taipei City, LIN observed each and every electric appliance shop as well as the “most advanced” TV sets that have shifted from the traditional CRT TVs in the past to the flat screen TVs today. In the near future, 4K TVs shall be seen in the second-hand market as well. Amidst the constant arrivals and departures of beauty, what remains unchanged is perhaps the description of “the resolution is still good” from the months of the shop owners for selling all the TVs from the past to date. In Between demonstrates such seemingly pointless flow of process as well as the inquires over image vessels and its relation to “viewing”, pondering over the concept of “second hand” via images – while we make choices in the face of various things, our lives are situated in the constant idea of “second-hand”, keeping or loosing something behind…


LIN Guan-Ming

Taiwan / 1981 born in Taipei, now living and working in Taipei

LIN Guan-Ming has been committed to image production for a long run, treating image as the imagination and contemplation in “time” viewing. He attempts to recollect the potential remnant “memory” of image in the instant of excessive production of image. His works have been exhibited in multiple places since Media Cramp, Co4 Taiwan Avant-garde Documenta II in 2004.

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