j. 2041


Single-channel video, 4'35"
Valentino RUSSO

義大利 1994年生於義大利羅馬,現於荷蘭生活及工作
Italy 1994 born in Rome, Italy, now living and working in Netherlands



The inspiration of the Italian artist Valentino’s artwork, 2041, is derived partly George Orwell’s fiction, 1984. The world in 2041 is set in the future of Dystopia, where the Internet and social media have full control over the social relationships among people. The transparency of Facebook information turns everyone the Big Brother to each other, whereas the deleted individual profile on Facebook will lose its function, excluded by the system. The sole purpose and goal of social relationship are narrowed to collecting enough “Likes” approved by the community, while “Like” defines the identity and value of individual’s existence.

All the video footages in 2041 came from the Internet. Through a boy who successfully deleted hi personal profile online, it enters the offline world and strings up new narrative with footages. In addition, with utilization of these online images, 2041 proposes the flipping of meaning initiated from the re-editing and assembling of images to the original images, while proposing the rights of author and intellectual property in the virtual realm.