G 每日一字 Alphabet (After Amanda Lear)

Alphabet (After Amanda Lear)

Single-channel video, 3'32"

波蘭 1989年生於波蘭,現於倫敦生活及工作
Poland 1989 born in Poland, now living and working in London



French singer Amanda Lear released her song “Alphabet” in 1977 with lyrics “…time goes on / and things are changing in my world. / Here is a new alphabet / for the children of my generation.” Sung by Lear, the song not only poetically reveals the self-portrait of the singer, but reflects the glory and suffering of the whole 1970s she lived in.

In this work, Piotr followed the concept of Lear and created a song about this very time of 2017-2018. Using Google Search Engine to anchor the first word pops up for each alphabet, the artist creates a contemporary appearance for Lear’s song. Many of the vocabulary come from new start-ups, service forms, or corporate names. In comparison to the previous version, the tone of the lyrics demonstrates fast pace, disposable culture, mass consumption, endless information, and instant satisfaction of longings.