i. 落塵 Fallout


Single-channel video and photo, 2'35"
LO Sheng-Wen

台灣 1987年生於台灣高雄,現於荷蘭生活與工作
Taiwan 1987 born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, now living and working in Netherlands


此件作品羅晟文以Google Earth的操作與觀看比擬作構圖,連結核試的場景與衛星地圖,以遊戲的方式在Google Earth裡創造一條飛行路線,以大約音速兩倍的速度劃過內華達試驗場上空,來模擬這種遊戲的視覺結構。遊戲搭配上變形的美國國歌,觀者得以有機會在核試塵埃落下的數十年後,在平板上動手感受這片地貌。

Starting from 1945, there have been over 2,000 nuclear tests on Earth. Besides weapon development, it was said to be used for purposes of peace, such as mining, excavation, natural gas harvesting, dam construction, port construction, extinguishment of fire (petroleum fire), etc., but most of which ended in vain. These nuclear tests often took place in places few people would step into that we usually never knew about. Perhaps it was because of the tremendous destruction brought to the cities and people by the nuclear explosion in war that drew our attention and got recorded.

Lo Sheng-Wen compares the manipulation and watching through Google Earth in the work to composition. He links up the scenes and the satellite maps of nuclear testing, and creates a flying route on Google Earth in a playful manner, flying at a speed approximately 2 times of sonic speed across the sky above the Nevada Test Site to simulate the visual structure of this game. The game goes with the national anthem of the United States of America. The audience shall have the chance to experience the landscape with fingertips on the tablet decades after the dust of nuclear testing settled.