U 祖母/傳家寶 Grandmother/Heirloom


Single-channel video, 6'39"

南韓 1986年生於南韓仁川,現於德國柏林生活及工作
South Korea 1986 born in Incheon, South Korea, now living and working in Berlin, Germany



The artwork is built on the artist’s contemplation of “thought”. An ordinary people has approximately 20,000 thoughts in and out. A thought is something hard to measure or to capture. Yet, it can guide our living directly till death. For centuries, artists, scientists, and philosophers have been trying to capture the human thoughts. In this work, Ka Hee JEONG uses Grandmother as target to explore, to record, and to visualize thoughts via different mediums.

According to the artist, the artwork takes stone as a metaphor of storage. Petroleum as well as stone takes records of the nature’s rhythm through million years of accumulation, which makes it the longest and the most durable storage device. The society of technology today may create many unprecedented landscapes, but rarely a vessel to store human’s thought. The artwork concerns about thinking and investigating the possibility to store thought as well as how the basic mentality of the human in a certain times can be passed on.