T-1 尖角體 Fraktur


Single-channel video, 18'12"

法國 1985年生於法國,現於比利時布魯塞爾生活及工作
France 1985 born in France, now living and working in Brussels, Belgium



Fraktur is a single-channel video work set in a concert. The flowing camera depicts a device existing in between man and machine and its movements and sight. The artwork can be divided into three parts: human body (the conductor), music (Richard Strauss’ Metamorphosen), and the video-shooting machine (the motion of which is controlled by computer). The movement is controlled by an array of data, which comes from the music and the movement of the conductor (by motion capture). During process of shooting, the reciprocal relationship of the movements between machine and man makes the machine an alternative incarnation of image.

In this work, the device is compared by the artist to a sensitive being in order to closely observe the promiscuity between the filmed body and the derived motions. Meanwhile, the artwork attempts to open up a spiritual space that is palpable and sensible generated by the encounter of the three elements.