T-2 二進制愛戀 Binary Love

Binary Love

Single-channel video, 12'49"

英國 1984年生於英國阿什福德,現於法國里爾生活和工作
UK 1984 born in Ashford, UK, now living and working in Lille, France



British artist Ewan Golder’s artwork, Binary Love, allocates the main space we reside into the virtual space created by technology. The video plot progresses after connected to the World Wide Web via Wi-Fi, in which the male and female protagonists, prompted by the perfect match on a dating app, engage a dream-like romantic venture in between reality and fiction.

Ewan’s work talks about the survival condition of humanity in the ever-changing environment today in the language of image. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, we live a dual role of creation and creator in our lives. The content of the images investigates this dual role and the intimacy among people in the digital era, and reminds us at the same time that the environment we are situated in is constantly disturbed by ourselves. We shape the interaction and value identity of the people we deal with. Meanwhile, we are probed by the very technological environment we shape into our most intimate, most personal emotional connections.