a.-1 大師坐談 Masterchat


Single-channel video, 24'06"

以色列 1980年生於以色列特拉維夫,現於特拉維夫生活及工作
Israel 1980 born in Tel Aviv, Israel, now living and working in Tel Aviv



Masterchat is a creative project by Itamar to invite 4 Israeli artists different in generations and in styles to join a series of online discussions. The content of the discussions ranged from painting’s mediums, techniques, emotional expressions, and political factors to art, plan, and to the daily life itself. Behind the online discussions, Itar was like God, guiding the questions. Itar employed the vocabulary and symbols used in reality show or YouTube live channel to guide the flow of discussions.

This artwork is extremely easy for one to associate with the reality shows that are quite popular these days. In the video, the artists seem to have a casual conversation, gliding fast from painting argument to political identity, and jump to the social events occurred recently, rapid, immediate, yet short of depth. What Masterchat focuses is the possible locus of art in the future in the ever-virtual, ever-flattened, and to even-mechanical post-digital era nowadays, while painting is employed as a traditional form of art in the discussion. Besides, the discussion also reflects the outlook of market dominated by the culture of consumers (users).