A Maiden’s Prayer

 2017-2020, single-channel video installation, 10’10”

A Maiden’s Prayer is a work created by WU Tzu-An for his friend that had passed away unexpectedly. With a poem of a dead poet under the same title as the axis, diary film, a visit to the ruin, and an improvised structure were used as the materials, weaving out memento of the memories far out of fragments and debris. “All fictional things carry ingredients of documentary, whereas all those tagged as authentic carry constituents of fiction.” Thus, recording is a mean for fictional reproduction. The thing to be remembered is your “memento mori.” The defocused, overexposed fragments of films are produced without purpose and seamed together by certain chance. These could be the reminder for people to recall the power to indulgence one ought to have. Amidst the smoke surrounded by a force field that no entity can penetrate, the maiden prays still. On a day of unbearable heat, it is a date and trip to Qingtan for water gazing. In a basement no one can enter, in Lanruo Temple, in Ootori Gakuen, or in any community constructed with our imagination, there comes the broadcast as well as the tune of A Maiden’s Prayer from a garbage truck…

Raspberry Pie Engineer |HUANG Wei-Wei, Andrew Lin
Installation Assisting | HUANG Ta-Wei , WANG Hsiang-Lin, WANG Po-Yen, Kaire WANG

Bondage Artist | Thomas BUFFAZ

WU Tzu-An

Taiwan / 1985 born in Taipei, now living and working in Taipei

WU Tzu-An creates with experimental films. Most of his works are collages with heterogeneous images, audio, and texts in an attempt to inquire the constructs of narratives and self. In recent years, Wu produced pieces of handcrafted techniques and experimentations with super 8mm and 16mm films, in which the artist explores the junctions and new possibilities of the production technologies for analogue and digital images.

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