2020, three-channel video, 18’30”’

Pursuant to Niu’s creative thread in recent years, Reveal discusses the correspondence between the images of internal consciousness and external images. Such correspondence is derived from religious experiences, personal spiritual practices, and exploration of collective subconsciousness. In his solo exhibition in 2018, the artist constructed an exhibition that never happened via documentary films and descriptive videos. As visitors were situated on scene of the empty exhibition, it felt like they were experiencing everything in the images. This “afterimage-like” experience allowed visitors to complement the feelings of non-physical dimension on their own. His new work Reveal departs from film clips, inviting a narrator to narrate this work to the candle fire. Amidst the flickering light of the candle fire, what gaps will emerge between the images in the viewers’ minds and original images in the film?


“Reveal” in Bible suggests manifestation and presentation of an unknown divine power. NUI Jun-Qiang transforms things existing in the visual form into another form of existence. He considers it not a representation of mystic experience, but more of turning off the light originally lit in a room and opening the window – for the light outside to shine through.

Artist / Director: NIU Jun Qiang

Project executive: LIN Tzu Hsin, SU Yue Jane, Jung An CHENG, Chin Wei KUAN

Voice Actress: HSU Jia-Ling

Producer: Wade DING

Production assistant: CHOU Ying Shiow

Director of photography: Wen LAU

Camera Assistant: Micky LIN, Juice LEE

Digital Colorist: CY CHIU

Studio: YuChen Studio

NIU Jun-Qiang

Taiwan / 1983 born in Taipei, now living and working in Taipei

NIU Jun-Qiang produces video and 2D mixed media works. His works departs from “vision as a form of existence”, extending to the invisible connections over the temporal axis as well as to the individual or collective life consciousnesses. The artist presents meticulous and holistic inquiries via creative practices in diverse forms.

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