Birth of Golden Snail

2018, single-channel video, 20′

Birth of Golden Snail tells a story took place at Khao Kha Nab Nam by the seashore of south bank in Thailand in the prehistorical era and during the World War II. The story is filled with fantasies and historical facts, wondering the borders between fiction and folklore, while turning the physicality of a natural cave into the black box space for film screening. Siriphol deliberately mimics the black-and-white film in the early days and the screening form with films, implying the origin of early film and of humans: from the dark cave of motherhood to the light of the outer world…


This film was produced on 16mm film, with the Khao Khanab Nam cave in Krabi, Bangkok, as the backdrop. This work was selected into Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018. Nevertheless, it was censored and banned because the content was considered in violation of the social order of Thailand according to Article 29 of Thailand’s Film and Video Act in 2008.

Chulayarnnon SIRIPHOL

Thailand / 1986 born in Bangkok, Thailand, now living and working in Bangkok

Chulayarnnon Siriphol produces works of short films, experimental films, documentaries, and video installations. The contents of his works are situated in between individual memory and collective memory, documentary and fiction, as well as real and supernatural. His works challenges convictions of morality and ideals via sarcasm, fantasy, and personal touch of humor. The artist’s short films were screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam and Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in Japan.

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