Localized Blindness

2018, single-channel video, 20′

Localized Blindness is a semi-autographical video work composed with vision check and diagnosis. The work comprises mostly image records from group photos to journey records. The subjects of people are deliberately avoided in these quotidian, fragmented images. A guiding voiceover is inserted in the work in echo with the distance between the subject and outsider. YAN Wai-Yin ponders over herself as an individual that has experienced several passing as well as an observer that bears witness to the changes around. She inquires through the work: what remains after one passes away?

Meanwhile, YAN also attempts to inquire whether scientific texts allow expressions rich in imagination. The symptoms and conditions described by patients with eye disease, or the gradual degeneration of sensitivity to light and sight, are perhaps the common misunderstandings of eye disease. She sets the keynote with Les yeux de Clérambault, in which de Clérambault recorded his personal experiences and wrote about the changes, surgical procedures, and recovery as he himself being a physician first, then a patient. YAN appropriates emotions in different times and veils her pains toward loss, cites the lines in the Greek myth and The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde on the loss of identity, relationship, existence, and memories when eyes are taken away, and buries her images and recollection.

YAN Wai-Yin

Hong Kong / 1994 born in Hong Kong, now living and working in Hong Kong

Yan Wai-Yin produces mainly works of video and installation. She excels at the juxtaposition and insertion of literary texts in narratives. Through shifting personal observations and the temporal, emotional distance in different texts, the artist inscribes the quotidian fragments of memories lingering in the space and objects. Yan has exhibited at H Queen’s, Hong Kong City Hall, Shanghai Power Station of Art, among other locations.

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