In the State of Amnesia

2015, double-channel video, 13’05”

In the State of Amnesia is a collaborative work produced by Meiro Koizumi and Nobuhiro Tanaka. During the 2-day shooting, Tanaka, who suffered from memory disorder due to the brain damage from an accident in his early days, had to memorize a testimony of a Japanese solider. In the testimony, the Japanese soldier confessed having killed a little boy on a covert mission in his service in China during the World War II. The work captured his endeavor to recall and recount the testimony. Nevertheless, due to Tanaka’s memory disorder, the more he tried to remember the lines in front of the camera, the less he could remember. In the end, he fell into silence, as all the words escaped from his memory. Unlike Germany, the testimonies of Japanese as aggressors in the Asian countries have been hidden, repressed, and untold in the Japanese society. Seventy years after the end of the war, the people today almost completely forget how aggressive the Japanese have been during the wartime, commented by Koizumi.


Japan / 1976 born in Gunma, Japan, now living and working in Yokohama

The video installations of KOIZUMI Meiro oftentimes base themselves on performances and constructed scenes. Through choreographed emotion manipulation, the artist connects himself, performers, and audience to one another, focusing and enlarging the out-of-control, disturbing, or social-norm-breaking moments. Hence, Koizumi probes into the boundary of privacy and publicness in the Japanese culture, converses on the power dynamics from that in a family to that in a country, and examines issues with the politics and mind control thereof.

Image courtesy of the artist, and Annet Gelink Gallery (Amsterdam) & Mujin-to Production (Tokyo).

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