2008, single-channel video, 5’56”

In Coagulate, Grecu creates a peculiar and extraordinary world with “water” as the main protagonist. With an experimental method that violates the laws of nature, the fluid in the work follows not the law of physics. The air and water are most unstable, demonstrating material presentations in different forms. He coagulates water via digital production, making it extraordinary to challenge the knowledge of viewers and create a paradoxical concept of “liquid sculpture”. Hence, the artist displays the theme of cosmos changes. In practices, Grecu stresses more on the ambience and sensations manifested in his works. He anticipates audience to discover the boundary between dream and illusion via images. All the shots in Coagulate are a mixture of real shots and 3D-simulated counterparts. He endeavors to present the 3D-simulated fluid and distorted images as natural as possible. The artist is convinced that the computer-generated images are essentially like painting, which is a technological approach to display mental images that is more appropriate in the 21st century compared to other technologies.


Romania / 1981 born in Romania, now living and working in France

Mihai Grecu often employs a surreal approach in his video works. He attempts to introduce viewers into a dream-like, fragmented world via images. The artist demonstrates human’s subconsciousness and mind images, writing down dark poems one after another filled with metaphors and symbols with images. They are shrouded by threats of death and macabre ambience that present reincarnations of nightmare that each of us have experienced.

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