Double Act

gobo slide, theatre light, dimensions variable

In Double Act, Floyer employs theater spotlight to project an image on the red curtain on the theater stage to the wall of exhibition space. The light is projected onto the wall and the adjoining floor. At the first glance, it seems the spotlight is projected onto the red curtain. Yet, it is the projection of red theater curtain and spotlight. The work is composed of simple elements and physical technology. The way the round-shaped spotlight is spilled onto the floor, the reflection of light on the scene, and the shadow amplify the theatrical effect, which engenders a sense of physical immersion and visual tactility. In addition, the title “Double Act” of the work evokes associations of theatrical or musical duo. Through the visual projection displayed via the real and represented lights, the symbolized meaning thereof traverses in between and with the two at the core. The artist produces illusions in her work through light to destabilize perception of viewers into hallucination.


UK / 1968 born in Pakistan, now living and working in Berlin

Ceal Floyer excels at agile interpretation in everyday scenes in her works, roaming on the fine lines between the operation on the surface of things and the imagination and meaning underneath. Her films and installations oftentimes convert objects people find familiar in lives, which are demonstrated via a mind in clarity and elegant concept of simplicity. Using double-takes and shifting points of view, Floyer forces viewers to renegotiate their perception of the world.


All images courtesy of the artist and Esther Schipper(Berlin).

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