2019, double-channel video, 7’40”

With circus as its imagery, Sawa Hiraki’s Platter reconstructed a series of symbolic footages to produce a wonder. Platter is a big plate to load things, a disc to store data, or where films are loaded on movie projector. Through symbolic superimposition of images, collages of spaces and landscapes, and juxtaposition of real and fictional things, Sawa  brings forth a surreal, magical ambience. Viewers recall their personal memories and feelings via images to embark on their imaginative journeys. Meanwhile, in depicting scenes that defy reality, a stone is cast at the heart of viewer to stir up ripples. “Much of my work is about memory and the subconscious, the things I find, the things that stick in my mind, the things we imagine to fill in the gaps in our understanding,” said Sawa Hiraki.


Concept, Images, videos and objects:SAWA Hiraki

Music:IKOMA Yuko, SHIMIZU Kosuke, icchie

SAWA Hiraki

Japan / 1977 born in Ishikawa, Japan, now living and working in London

Sawa Hiraki derives his inspirations mostly from experiences of and around himself. He excels at investigation and exploration of the potentially forgotten experiences and things at the bottom of people’s hearts via video production. The artist employs photography or animation to delve into the subtle experiences in reality that are hard to be captured or depicted. Also, realistic footages and dream-like scenes are superimposed in an attempt to foster a surreal ambience for viewers, while representing a poetic experience seemingly dear in everyday life.

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