2020, single-channel video, 14’10”

Thick Air is a video work composed with noises, shots with dialogues, and video documentaries. In the work, an experimental music band is recording an album, searching for the special sounds for “thick air”. Hence, the audio engineer went through five different cities and countless frantic nights in search of this incomprehensible sound tirelessly. It is like a collage of noises inserted with memories and music of the pop music in the 1960s. The images of musicians and band performance or rehearsals include the Jazz musician Roscoe Mitchel, French punk band “Headwar”, and Thurston Moore of “Sonic Youth”. Nevertheless, the original sounds of these footages were removed, leaving nothing but the melody derived from the images themselves as well as the distinctive ambience – thick air.


Italy / 1988 born in Málaga, Spain, now living and working in Paris

As an artist and a curator, Stefano Miraglia produces works of photography, video, dossier and texts, and autobiographical elements. His video works are mostly culmination of collage, abstractive art, found footage, and diary film while his curatorial works include exhibitions, screenings, online projects, etc. Miraglia is also the founder and principal curator of MOVIMCAT, a video platform.

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