2020, single-channel video, 37’07”

EYES / EYES / EYES / EYES departs from ruin of icons and statues (idols). Many fragments of destroyed, toppled statues are preserved in the archive. At the corner of the far side, a fan stirs up the atmosphere as the air caresses the bodies and movements of the archivists. The humming sounds and the drawn-out wait induce sleep: in a dream, soldiers and civilian smile motionlessly – shooting, bullets whizzing, and explosions; in another dream, there are nothing but stones, indifference, and oblivion – none of the above is real nor true.

This work is a commissioned work in “Catalonia in Venice_To Lose Your Head (Idols)” of the 58th Biennale Arte in Venice. The theme for the exhibition was the exploration of the subtle tie between humans and statues as well as the acts of destruction and adoration induced by images.


Spain / 1992 born in Barcelona, Spain, now living and working in Barcelona

Albert García-Alzórriz’s works stresses on the obsession and alienation generated between venues and objects, where speculative descriptions are born from the contact with human and non-human mediums therein. Hence, García-Alzórriz combines multimedia and technologies, traversing between dossier, fiction, anecdotes, and official records as well as over the boundaries between reality and fabrication.

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