The Spirit Keepers of Makuta’ay

2019, single-channel video, 11’07”

The Spirit Keepers of Makuta’ay is work Lin produced in her residency at Laenno in 2018, which narrates the folk religion, spiritual sanctuary, and the culture of social sustainability. “Makuta’ay” in Amis means turbid streams. Just like the Makotaay Tribe adjacent to the Xiuguluan River, it is a unique place rich in ethereality, shaped by its history of colonization, population migration, and natural landscape. The work was shot on Super 8 film. With the voice of Rara Dongi, the Amis witch, as the voiceover that recounts her memory, it searches for the spiritual prayer ritual of individuals and tribe folks in the Daoist rituals and the Presbyterian funeral that are distinctive from each other. The special effects produced by the Super 8 are seen in the film from time to time, which unravel the epitome-like spiritual landscape that are as subtle as a painting.

LIN Yen-Chao

Taiwan / 1983 born in Taipei, now living and working in Montreal

Lin Yen-Chao’s works are mostly constructed on the basis of collection, research, and experimental operation over texts of divination, the occult, oral history and religion. He recently puts emphasis on interdisciplinary art practices such as study on massage and psychological mapping. The artist has exhibited in various places, including Art Metropole (Toronto), Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK), and Berlinale (Berlin).

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