The Sasha

2019, single-channel video, 20’17”

In 1972, astronaut Charles Duke landed on the Moon on the Apollo XVI. He was tasked to shoot photographs of the lunar surface with high-solution camera. In The Sasha, Molina Peiró questions the veracity of photographic literature through its narrative, inquiring the human perspective on Earth and their constant struggle amidst the temporal and spatial limits. A plethora of images in diverse genres, fictional and real, from historical literature to digital mapping, from exploration of space to cyberspace, from the Moon in 1972 to the virtual Moon in Google Earth today, are interwoven in the film. In this story about parallel universes, The Sasha, the so-called eternity seems to be lost between frames and interfaces.


Spain / 1979 born in Sevilla, Spain, now living and working in Amsterdam

Maria Molina Peiró is an audiovisual artist and filmmaker. Her works mainly explore the layered relationships of history, technology, and nature. Her videos and video installations have been seen in international art centers and film festivals. In addition to recognitions by various awards, the artist’s works are also collected by institutions as art films.

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