Thievery and Songs

2016, single-channel video, 24’06”

In the film Thievery and Songs Wieland narrates, in his own voice, a dream he has of the Town Musicians of Bremen. The film itself comes across as a dream or hallucination. Like much of his work, this film is based on research, memory and narration and brings together this fairy tale with childhood recollections, combined with animal characters visiting their psychotherapists and memories of his own education and body art. The film also delves into the true story of a Jewish- Austrian dancer who had to escape Austria for Bombay in 1938. Altogether in this film, fables, memory, histories and reflections on contemporary life collapse into a visual philosophy of being, carrying a tragicomic spirit that mingles irony and absurdity with a gripping, poetic sobriety. 


Austria / 1968 born in Horn, Austria, now living and working in Berlin

Gernot Wielands’ works are based on research, memory and narration and mainly with film and lecture performance. The works bring together historical reports with personal recollections and scientific facts, fictional and real elements thereby develop stories between exciting sobriety and tragicomic incidents and develop a sense of the uncanny, mostly in ironic and absurd forms.

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