Perfectly clear and vivid as real seeing

2020, Body scan technique, meditation exercise, gauze screen projection, dual channel screening, quadraphonic, 15’00’’

Perfectly clear and vivid as real seeing project is a mixed spatial immersive experience that mixes images, sounds, lights, and space installation. What sets this experience apart from image work viewing is that the artist attempts in her work to guide viewers to see images produced by “self-consciousness” via instructions and fragmented narratives – the absolutely subjective images observed without any visual condition. Such a guiding process also touches upon her inquiry – Can this kind of images that fails to be identified with objective experience be referred to as images? The narratives and guidance extended from the work cover dreams, meditation, drug administration, or other guided image production techniques. Following the advancement of viewing means and technological improvement that has elevated resolution beyond the requirement of human eyes, image production has become an autonomous technological revolution. The immersive experience in the work serves as the reference path. It is an alternative initiative between the “physical viewing” and “conscious viewing” that endeavors through narratives to weave out the possibility of circulation in between.


Taiwan / 1985 born in Taiwan, now living and working in Taipei

Since 2014, Liu Yu has developed a series of documentary field research practices. Her works take reference to various archetypes of video lexicon ranging from text publication to cinematic documentary and semi-documentary. Thanks to the plethora of field researches and collection of literature, she is empowered to see the possibility to rearrange these lexica, engaging integration of linking and supplementing fragments of spaces, histories, images, and narratives.

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