2007, single-channel video, 6’17”

The cinematic kiss is probably one of the most archetypical images to be found in film history. Gravity playing with the physiological and cinematographic principle of the after-image, Provost causes dozens of kissing scenes from European and American film classics to collide. The reassuring world of multiplied kisses is shattered by a stroboscopic effect that plunges and looses the viewers into the dizzying vertigo of the embrace where love becomes a passionate battle in which monsters are finally unmasked.


Belgium / 1969 born in Ronse, Belgium, now living and working in New York and Brussels

The work of Nicolas Provost walks the fine line between dualities, balancing fiction and fine arts, the grotesque and the moving, the beautiful and the cruel. His phantasmagorias provoke both recognition and alienation and succeed in pulling audience expectations into an unraveling game of mystery and abstraction. In addition to the use of film and visual language, sound is a constant factor in Provost’s body of work, as a rhythmical spine or an emotional guideline.

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