Tremendous Cream

2020, single-channel video, 3’51”

Tremendous Cream is a music video co-produced with artificial intelligence. The program adapted the work of AI engineer and artist Robbie Barrat and the bassist Eric Groszman. The lyric voiceover, the rhythm, and the background music in the work are all generated by the AI. Works of different artists were selected. The visuals were edited manually to go with the AI-generated sounds, presenting this hip-hop music video of the 90’ as a result. It is a work of mathematic computation co-produced by humanity and machine. 


Russia / 1986 born in St. Petersburg, Russia, now living and working in St. Petersburg

Alexei Dmitriev is an artist and curator from Russia. His works put emphasis on experimental videos that were screened at Tribeca Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival in Finland, etc. The collaborative curatorial works include VIS Vienna Shorts and Directors Lounge, a Berlin-based film and media-art online platform.

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