2023 Prelude

Prelude 2023 — Upwellings

Session #1 2023.03.19 2-5pm
Matters of Care by Candice Jee and Wei Hsin-Yen
Artist: Candice Jee, Wei Hsin-Yen

Scholar María Puig de la Bellacasa published Matters of Care: Speculative Ethics in More Than Human Worlds in 2017. In this book, she explores how to prevent exploitative relationships between humans and non-humans, seeking a new way of togetherness. Togetherness is also shown in the respective practices of artists Candice Jee and Wei Hsinyen: Candice Jee uses planting to re-discuss agricultural culture with the Taroko people; Wei Hsinyen often leads the audience to experience familiar or unfamiliar environments through close contact and story exchange. This event will start from several concepts in Matters of Care, invite Candice Jee and Wei Hsinyen to have an artist discussion, and discuss how care is generated in their artistic creation.

Session #2 2023.04.23 2-5pm
The Postcolonial Anthropocene: a Recipe And a Map
Artist: Yi-Chun Lin, Jui-lan Yao,
Scholar: Chuang Chen-Mei

The scholar Chuang Chun-Mei’s book The Postcolonial Anthropocene: Performative Politics of Life published this year attempts to reflect on the politics and possibilities of human being’s language, forms of knowledge, and actions in the viralocene. The book introduces the concept of “postcolonial molecular scribbling” as a way to think through dynamic and folded interrelationships of life across different scales of time and space, using images as a different mode of thought from language. This also echoes the theme of the upcoming 8th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition: how to care in a more-than-human world. This workshop will use art as a guide to connect knowledge and emotions, inviting artists Yi-Chun Lin and Jui-Lan Yao to explore the concepts woven throughout The Postcolonial Anthropocene, and inviting participants to create a recipe and a map.

🍽 The recipe is the closest exchange and reliance between human and non-human beings.

🗺️ The map is a way of depicting space, which concerns how we perceive, record, transmit, and imagine others who are far away but have not arrived yet. ”MAP, as Guideline for (not yet here) future becomings.”

Session #3 2023.05.20 3-5:30pm
Adobe Hui Chun Gong
Artist: Xia Lin, Scholar: Li-Chun Lee

The third prelude activity will explore the most common object of “care” – the human body. Our bodies are surrounded, mediated, and extended by various digital objects.

“Adobe Hui Chun Gong” is artist Xia Lin’s new martial arts development project, inspired by the popular Adobe digital imaging software worldwide, inviting participants to develop qigong techniques to restore youthfulness through physical behavior and spiritual understanding. Adobe in its literal meaning represents a type of clay commonly used in architecture or pottery, and Adobe skills lie in transforming images to fit the present moment, achieving perfect masterpieces in every detail. Through commonly used editing software tools such as selection, filters, clone stamp, blur, and pen tools, “Adobe Hui Chun Gong” is a jointly developed new health care method, easy to edit and master like clay, creating one’s own youthfulness. At the same time, scholar Li-Chun Lee will also share the different understandings of bodily sensation in Chinese and Western culture, as well as the translation and representation techniques that have been developed in each culture.