Curatorial Team

Shih-Yu Hsu, S.H

Shih-yu Hsu is an independent researcher and writer. She has been a member of the study group lám-nuā since 2021. She graduated from Communication Engineering and Visual Art Administration at National Central University in Taiwan and New York University. Her research field includes image, media and new material feminism. She co-founded bi-lingual online media art platform SCREEN in 2015 and was the executive assistant of Taiwan Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2017. She was the curator at Taipei Contemporary Art Center in 2018-2021. Her writing on art has been published on several publications including, Artist Magazine, Art Investment, Leap, No Man’s Land and Yishu. She is going to co-curate the 8th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition.

Zoe Yeh, Z.Y

Zoe Yeh is the director and curator of the Honggah Museum. She studied Curating and Cultural Production in the Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts of National Taipei University of the Arts. She also received a BA degree in National Cheng-Chi University Commerce School. Yeh has actively contributed to the arts community as a board member of Polymer Art Studio and has been involved in various projects within artist-run spaces. In addition to her involvement in community projects, Zoe Yeh also spearheads research on Taiwanese video artists and curates annual solo exhibitions for emerging talents.

Jing-Shi Wang, J.W

Soft landing in 1997, graduated from Arts and Design, Yuan-Ze University, former staff at Hong-Gah Museum. An artist wanna-be but lacks enough motivation, so working in the art scene to assist artists instead. Recently she has been contemplating working at a bookstore or doing some editing stuff. Imaging being a caterpillar since joined the TIVA team, and it’s be like: ………🐛.

Jessica Chien, J.C

A museum staff with academic backgrounds in Journalism and Cultural Studies. The perennial interests lie in the intricate interplay between various resources and cultural practices in the real world. The professional adventure starts from roles in the gallery and cultural intermediary and heads towards the pursuit of exploring such delicate equilibrium.

Daisy Li, D.L

Graduated from National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Art History, she is currently a curator at the Hong-Gah Museum. With an education in art history, she has since worked in the contemporary arts and the Chinese classical art field. With a keen interest in contemporary experimental images, she is also interested in exploring encyclopedic images from different times and cultures, and continues to focus on cultural equality practices within art and cultural institutions.