Guided Tour

Guided Tour with the Curators

11th Nov. 2023 (Sat.) 2pm | Add to Calendar
16th Dec. 2023 (Sat.) 6pm | Add to Calendar
Museum Special Open until 9pm
20th Jan. 2024 (Sat.) 2pm | Add to Calendar

Cantonese Guided Tour

12th Nov. 2023 (Sat.) 2pm with Tour Guide Danson Wong | Add to Calendar


Living Togetherness Artist Talk

Time: 4th Nov. 2023 (Sat.) 2pm | Add to Calendar
Venue: Ketagalan Culture Center(No 3-1, Chungshan Road, Beitou, Taipei City)
Moderator:Shih-Yu Hsu、Zoe Yeh
Speakers:Tekla Aslanishvili、Sasha Litvintseva、Yu-Hsin Su、Hsin-Yu Chen、Juliana Höschlová、Jia-Jen Lin

LOST AND LUSH – Gathering, Filming, Collective Walking, and Acting with artist Esther Lin

Day One- 25th Nov. 2023 (Sat.) 9am to 2pm | Add to Calendar
Day Two- 9th Dec. 2023 (Sat.) 9am to 12pm | Add to Calendar
Day Three- 6th Jan. 2024 (Sat.) 9am to 15pm | Add to Calendar

2023 TIVA Online Venue Gathering

Time: 16th Dec. 2023 (Sat.) 12:30 pm (CET) / 19:30 Taiwan Time (UTC+8) | Add to Calendar
Venue: 2023 TIVA Online Venue

Artist Talk – Elena Knox & Steffen Köhn

Time: 5th Jan. 2024 (Fri.) 4pm | Add to Calendar
Venue: Honggah Museum

Unfolding – New Year Resolution Workshop with artists Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy

Time: 14th Jan. 2024 (Sun.) 2pm | Add to Calendar
Venue: 2023 TIVA Online Venue

Off-Site Screening

The Ultimate To-Do List-Special Screening of Hong Kong Artists

During the open-call for 2023 TIVA, a group of artists from Hong Kong caught the attention of the curatorial team. Their works extended the exhibition’s theme by creatively addressing the current social situation in Hong Kong. They presented a series of narratives that fell between post-traumatic recovery and identity reconstruction. Given the unique context of these works, the curatorial team decided to organize a special screening event. The artists participating in the special screening are invited to join the discussions after the event.
Time: 10th Nov. (Fri.) 7pm | Add to Calendar
Venue: Nowhere Bookstore (No. 170-2, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City)

2023 TIVA Screening Tour

In addition to the on-site venue and the online venue, this year’s TIVA will also select certain participating works for a nationwide screening tour! During the planning stage, TIVA hosted a series of preliminary activities such as reading groups and workshops. Through collective reading, the exhibition’s discussion themes have gradually come into focus. During the exhibition period with the theme “Living-Togetherness,” the screening event will visit independent bookstores in different cities, fostering close interactions with audiences.

  1. Kaohsiung- 2nd Dec. 2023 (Sat.) 2pm @TaKaoBooks
    (No. 214, Zhongzheng 2nd Rd., Xinxing Dist., Kaohsiung City) | Add to Calendar
  2. Taitung- 3rd Dec. 2023 (Sun.) 3pm @Susu’s Huang-Huang Bookstore(No. 139-1, Hanyang S. Rd., Taitung City) | Add to Calendar
  3. Taichung- 8th Dec. 2023 (Fri.) 7.30pm @Bien Books (No. 408, Sec. 3, Taiwan Blvd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City) | Add to Calendar
  4. Chiayi- 9th Dec. 2023 (Sat.) 3pm @tofubooks (No. 86, Beixing St., West Dist., Chiayi City) | Add to Calendar
*For workshop details and registration please follow TIVA 2023 website and FB