Opening Hours

10:30-17:30, Tuesday to Sunday.
Closed on Monday and Chinese New Year. Admission is free. 

For the Guided Tour Service, if your group consists of more than five individuals, we kindly request you to fill the form and make your reservation online at least one week in advance.

Getting Here

  Qiyan Station of Tamsui-Xinyi Line (Line 2), turn left after Exit Sanhe Street and walk to Daye Road, turn left, then walk for five minutes.
  Take 218, 266, 302, 223 and get off at “Hong-gah Museum” or “MRT Qiyan Station”.
   Exit National Highway No. 1 at Chongqing N Rd, continue on Chongqing N Rd north-bound then turn right at Bailing Bridge, turn left at Yangming High School to Chengde Road Section 5, continue until Section 7 then continue to Daye Road, then arrive at No. 166. Building with parking.