Anson Hoi Shan MAK

Anson Hoi Shan Mak, b.1969, Hong Kong

Anson Hoi-shan MAK is a moving image and sound artist. Besides single channel film/video, she also does phonography sound art and web-based projects. She is especially interested in essay film and experimental ethnography. With a particular interest in the interplay between cityscape and notion of time, especially favoring 8mm film footage. Her artworks have featured at various international film festivals and exhibitions, such as M+, Busan International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Mindfulness Everyday Art is an online creative project developed by Anson Hoi Shan MAK during the pandemic. It involves eight interdisciplinary professionals, including writers, Cantonese actors, dancers, music/meditation leaders, and painters/book designers. In a time when physical interactions are limited, and anxieties are prevalent, this project serves as an online space for mutual communication and healing. Apart from artists using 8mm film to capture the intimate moments of these eight professionals’ lives, these art practitioners also foster inner connections among themselves through activities like online guided meditation, stretching exercises, mindfulness breathing practices, life drawing, and letter-writing. (J.W)

  • Mindfulness Everyday Art

    2022, website