Anvar Cheng, b.1991, Taiwan

Multimedia artist and brand aesthetic consultant, creating fragrance products for multiple brands and spaces. Her work combines present perception and experiences, using glass, ceramics, liquids as mediums, and botanical materials as traces, facilitating a dialogue between the self and the universe. Her creative expression knows no bounds, primarily exploring the connection between the inner self and the environment, humanity, and nature. Cheng co-curated “Shengsheng Interactive Project” with LO Tsun-Lung in 2020, participated in the group exhibition “Offline Reality” and “Reflection” in 2022.

Route for Ephemeral Stay stands as the sole non-visual artwork in the exhibition. Drawing inspiration from the olfactory pathways of honeybees, it explores how these insects navigate their surroundings based on the status and scents of flowers at different times of the day. These scents are crucial for bees to identify their nectar sources. This olfactory installation allows viewers to immerse themselves in the journey of bees through the fragrances of various flowers, such as the fruity aroma of silver wattle and the serene undertones of agarwood. It delves into the positioning and connections of all living entities within the ecosystem: each member of the ecosystem is an indispensable piece of this vast puzzle, collectively contributing to the flourishing of the environment. (J.W)

  • Route for Ephemeral Stay

    2023, Olfactory Installation