Chun-Tzu CHANG

Chun-Tzu Chang, b.1988, Taiwan/Germany

Chun-Tzu Chang lives in Hamburg. She graduated with an MA in Spatial Strategies from Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin. Chang’s practice focuses on the public space and observes the relationship between individuals and groups within established economic structures. She has been exploring the theme of “home” since 2019, examining the individual’s identification with their homeland and governmental influence over one’s perception and identity. Her exploration is based on personal memories, which she contrasts with official narratives and ideals. In her work, she utilizes everyday objects, photography, and her own body to reflect on the power dynamics within the public space.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the industrial boom in Taiwan gave rise to the phenomenon known as the “Taiwan Miracle,” rendering profound impacts on Taiwan’s once agriculture-oriented and strongly traditional society. The sheer pace of societal transformations demanded a high level of adaptability from the people of Taiwan. Nevertheless, amidst the changes, many were left out of the mainstream narrative, while the demands of traditional values added to their pressure and hardship. Under this context, Chang uses an expository documentary to portray a part of her own family history. Through black-and-white photographs and a tender narrative, the artist reveals fatefully individualized biographies of Taiwan’s untold social history, and provides a deep and emotional insight into the brutal loneliness that characterizes these biographies. A neglected dog, a handicapped uncle and a dedicated grandmother become symbols, representing those that were neglected in the pursuit of freedom and prosperity. (D.L)

  • The Grandmother, The Uncle and The Dog

    2021, single-channel video, 20'00"