Esther LIN

Esther Lin, b.1990, Taiwan

Currently working and living in Taipei, Taiwan, Esther Lin completed her MFA degree in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Lin mainly works with body measurement and psychological perception, inquires about logic in everyday life, and opens up the intersection between imagination and reality. Her works are mostly spatial installations. Through arrangement of images, documents, and objects, Lin delves into the fluidity of identity, the moments of modern systems, and the process of memory production.

In this exhibition, Lin presents a unique project centered around walking tours and videography. Her focus is on Beitou, the location where the Hong-gah Museum is situated. Lin’s goal is to delve into the vibrant landscapes inhabited by diverse groups within the Beitou mountains. She plans to venture into these mountains with the audience, conducting investigations, interacting, and ultimately translating these experiences into a multi-sensory videography project. These walking/exploration experiences will serve as a collaborative process, fostering mutual trust between individuals and their environment. Lin anticipates that participants will engage their bodies to uncover answers to their inquiries, using these enigmas and gaps to unearth and rekindle somatosensory memories related to their bodies, culture, and heritage. (Z.Y)

  • Lost and Lush

    2023, art action and archive display