George CLARK

George Clark, b.1982, UK

George Clark is an artist, writer and curator. His work explores the history of images and how they are governed by culture and technology as well as social and political conditions. His projects explore non-aligned histories and geographies, exploring moving images in the expanded field working across film, installation and performance with a focus on collaborative practice in global contexts. In recent years he has worked to build new models of cultural production through expanded translocal collaboration.

The Scattered Body emerged from a project to explore the collective labour to care for the dispersed historical archives of Vietnam started in 2021. Working with An Việt Archives, the institution that houses the largest known collection of materials documenting British-Vietnamese communities, the project brought together artists from the UK and Vietnam. Through a series of workshops and activations, they delved into alternative means of expressing memories. An Việt’s former building was illegally occupied in 2020, nearly resulting in the loss of all its materials. The artists documented the labour required to preserve these fragmented records and simultaneously shot footage with collaborators in Hanoi at the state film archive. This project is an exploration of memory’s modes of expression, regarding archives as living entities with their own dreams and desires. (J.W)

  • The Scattered Body

    2023, two-channel video, 48’38”