Han Tang, b.1989, China

Born in Guangzhou, Han Tang lives and works in Berlin, Germany. The art languages she employs encompass video, film, installation, text, and painting in order to explore the junctions of ecology, feminism, and consumerism in contemporary society. As a member of the Asian diaspora community, the “in-between” status has become one of the vital nutrients for Tan’s practices, in which she seeks to process collisions among different cultures.

∞ Container repeats the footages of a process that puts something resembling minerals into a container. The object is carefully handled in the process and protected with a wooden container for transport. On one hand, it can be associated with the formation of knowledge, which usually stems from the desire for touch, filled with curiosity, as such desire often comes with the wish to protect. Nevertheless, as time goes by, the relationship with nature becomes an object of knowledge, as the ideology that dominates humanity turns to treat nature as a resource that can be sorted for use. On the other hand, both the background in the video and the collected objects are constantly shifting, illustrating that such exploitation takes place in different time, locations, and historical contexts time and again. (S.H)

  • ∞ Container

    2021, single-channel video, 7'50"