Juliana Höschlová, b.1987, Czech Republic

Juliana Höschlová’s work ranging from painting, drawing, performance to installation. She graduated from the conceptual painting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and traveled to Taiwan for an exchange program. During her stay in Taiwan, Juliana hosted research project “田, Fied, Políčko,” an interview publication of Taiwan artists. She is also the co-founder of Návštěva project, promoting video artists with talent and critical thinking. During Covid-19, she moved to Krkonoše mountains, where she developed art forms such as textile and ceramics.

Gerson’s Miracle is a commissioned work of Brno Art Open 2019. The title refers to the alternative medical therapy of Dr. Max Gerson, to cure chronic diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer by having patients consume a mostly vegetarian diet. Addressing the sphere of care and responsibility, the artist perceives an abandoned house as an embodiment of society’s partial failures, or more generally as faulty system settings. She hosts karaoke performance, which makes the building come alive for one day with carefully selected socially engaged pop songs with lyrics encouraging random passers-by to join sort of healing therapy or ritual to cure this abandoned and dilapidated place. (Z.Y)

  • Gerson's Miracle

    2019, single-channel video, 10'25"