Eunhee LEE

Eunhee Lee, b.1990, Korea

Born in South Korea. Eunhee Lee holds a Master of Fine Arts from Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany, and a Master of Fine Arts in Videoart from Korea National University of Arts, South Korea. She currently lives and works in South Korea. Lee’s art practice explores the relation between individuals, images, and technology in a social context. For her, technology is not only a product of science, but a complex compound of political and economic interests.

Machines Don’t Die centers on the correlation of machines and values in the material dimension. With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, countless digital devices become waste as soon as their functionality fades. Machines Don’t Die traces the process of extracting precious metals from such material remnants in the recycling value chains, which is known as an industry of urban mining. The work witnesses some kinds of rebirth and revival of machines. Machines Don’t Die was commissioned by the Seoul Museum of Art in 2022 and was the winner of the 13th LICHTER Art Award, LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International, Germany. (J.C)

  • Machines Don’t Die

    2022, single-channel video, 20'04"