Yining FEI

Yining Fei, b.1990, China

Yining Fei examines new topologies of moving images at the intersection of art, science, and technology, reweaves narratives of reality and illusion through film, installations, and sculptures. Fei’s works can be seen as a prophetic vision that combines science and fantasy, wandering through multiple times and spaces, theoretical prose and poetic texts, a speculation of a post-apocalyptic scenario that is increasingly full of uncertainty.

Moonshore II: Our Coordinates begins with the toxic microalgae called Pseudo-nitzschia, which produces a neurotoxin (domoic acid) that causes permanent short-term memory loss, confusion, and disorientation as typical symptoms of poisoning. However, this toxic diatom, when viewed under a transmission electron microscope, appears like overlapped film strips, or when further enlarged, looks more like the punched cards used as information storage for precursors of the modern digital computer. The toxic diatom that causes memory loss has a microscopic form that resembles the medium used to store “external” memory. The artist uses this coincidental scenario to imagine a future where the ocean becomes a toxic territory. In this “shore of amnesia,” the artist envisions the emergence of intelligent manatee and Ada. These two entities co-evolve, forming a connection that transcends non-human species. (J.W)

  • Moonshore II: Our Coordinates

    2023, single-channel video, 12'26"